COMET Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit
COMET Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit


We use the term “public research partner” (PRP) to refer to patients and members of the public who are involved in COS development by helping to design, oversee and disseminate the COS study.


The Toolkit has been co-produced with patients and the public. Some of the resources have been produced by our Toolkit group, others by different members of the PoPPIE Working Group and  PoPPIE Associate Panel members and others have been developed with or by external public research partners, groups and organisations. We are grateful for the many contributors to the resources in the Toolkit.


Funding to support the development of this Toolkit was provided by the University of Liverpool, Health and Life Sciences Participatory Support Grant.

Referencing the Toolkit

The COMET Initiative Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit- Barrington H., Harman N., Smith M., Turner J., Williamson P. & Young B. (2023)

Ongoing toolkit development

This COMET PPI in COS Toolkit is an evolving resource. We would be grateful for feedback from toolkit users so we can improve it. Please use the Contact tab if you wish to provide feedback.

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